For more than 125 years, Diamond Chain has manufactured chain that lasts longer and performs better.
Diamond Chain’s commitment to excellence serves a wide variety of industries, including:

Diamond and Drives Chain Configuration Tool
  • 3D building capabilities
  • One-click chain editing
  • Diamond and Drives chain selection
  • Attachment chain selection
  • Detailed dimensions
  • Various angles for editing
  • Download options (CAD and 2D)
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Whatever your needs, Diamond Chain has the products you want at the performance levels you need.
Nothing Outlasts A Diamond.TM

Products that last

Diamond Chain manufactures roller chain from the highest-quality materials, carefully designing, fabricating, and assembling each component so that the finished product exceeds both industry standards and customer expectations. A quality chain in a long-lasting chain, and with more than a century of experience, Diamond Chain knows how to build products that last.

Proven Performance

From the oilrigs of Texas to the drag bike racking circuit, Diamond's performance is unrivaled. In the even most difficult applications, Diamond Chain outperforms the competition. For tough chain that delivers, nothing outlasts a Diamond.

Powerful Results

When you choose Diamond Chain, you'll see production increase and downtime decrease-factors critical to success in any industry. Whether you need a standard roller chain or a custom-designed product, Diamond Chain delivers the highest quality, best performance, and ultimate value.

Ask The Engineer

  • Are you curious about cotters?
  • Pondering pitch length?
  • Thinking about tensile strength?
  • Wondering about wide waist link plates?

Email Diamond Chain or write in to ask our team engineers. Be sure to include your name and address so Diamond can send you a little something by way of thanks if your question is published.

Ask the Engineer

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