Agribusiness Air Jack Case Study

Agribusiness Air Jack Case Study


A leading agriculture commodity processing company was experiencing frequent downtime on each of its 30+ air jacks. Each air jack utilizes around 5′ of chain and is not able to receive maintenance frequently. Due to the inability to perform regular maintenance, each air jack was failing after just two weeks at a cost of $200 per incident.


As a solution, Diamond Chain suggested its ACE plated chain. ACE (Anti-Corrosion Exterior) chains incorporate an electrically bonded, protective exterior plating that is applied prior to assembly. This proprietary plating serves as a protective barrier that oxidizes before the carbon steel base chain, thus preserving the chain’s physical and structural integrity. ACE chains provide superior protection against water, salt water, and humidity. The switch to ACE doubled the life of the chain and the company is now replacing the chain every 12 weeks.


Factoring in both downtime and replacement costs, after the switch to Diamond ACE chains, the company saw a savings of $21,300 over one year, and is estimated to see $106,800 in savings over five years.

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