Can Manufacturing Case Study

Can Manufacturing Case Study


A can manufacturer was experiencing limited wear life on its crimping machine. The machine used competing roller chain that was hard to access, thus making it difficult for workers to regularly lubricate.

When chain is not lubricated consistently, it causes excessive stress on the pin and bushing joint. This issue led the manufacturer to replacing the competing roller chain ever six weeks, costing around $30,000 for every downtime instance.


Since the manufacturer was unable to re-lubricate the hard-to-access chain, Diamond recommended switching to Ring Leader o-ring chain. This product is designed to be maintenance-free and is built to keep out contaminants that build up and damage the surface area of the chain. Its sealed-in lubrication provides additional protection – reducing wear, elongation and increasing wear life.


After replacing the competing product with Diamond® Ring Leader o-ring chain, wear life increased from 6 weeks to 31 weeks. This increased saved the manufacturer $222,544 after one year and is projected to save $1,112,723 after five years.

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