Chain Wearing Prematurely Case Study

Chain Wearing Prematurely – Concrete Manufacturing Case Study


A leading concrete products manufacturer was looking for a quality chain that improved wear life. Due to a high concentration of dirt and concrete grit in the manufacturing environment, the chain used on their tile stacking and pallet delivery machines experienced elongation and premature chain wear.


Looking at potential product options, the manufacturer compared Diamond’s ANSI 80 and 100 riveted roller chains to the less expensive, mid-tier brand that they were currently using.

With the strict standards of the Diamond Difference and our company’s commitment to quality, Diamond’s Standard Series chains ensure a high quality, long lasting product.

Using Diamond’s ROI calculator, it showed the manufacturer could expect a minimum increase of 50% in wear life over their current chain.


After switching to Diamond’s Standard Series chain, the manufacturer experienced an increase in uptime that exceeded the projected 50% estimate – significantly decreasing downtime and labor costs. This saved the company over $6,500 in the first year and an estimated $33,000 after five years.

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