Diamond Chain for Construction Applications: Strength and Durability

In construction applications such as skid-steer products, the chains that power the equipment take a lot of abuse. The wear and tear on a chain from repeated pivots, heavy shock load, and starts and stops shortens the lifespan of roller drive chain in construction applications, which means you spend more time and money replacing those chains to keep your equipment running.

Diamond’s Oval Contour Chain Is Stronger

Diamond Chain’s roller drive chain for construction applications is a heavier class of chain than our competitors offer. Dimensionally, the products are the same—so you can use them interchangeably in your machinery—but Diamond Chain’s oval contour chain is designed with smaller overall segments that increase maneuverability and make our chain stronger to withstand higher levels of shock loading.

Diamond Chain Is Longer-Lasting

Because of its greater strength and ability to withstand the demands of construction applications, Diamond Chain’s oval contour chain lasts longer than other brands. When you choose Diamond’s roller drive chain, you’ll find your replacement costs, labor, and downtime decrease significantly.


For a roller drive chain that works better, has greater strength, and lasts longer than other products you’ve tried, choose Diamond’s oval contour chain for your construction applications. Contact our experienced professionals to learn more about how Diamond Chain can help your business.

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