Proven Performance

In today’s competitive business environment, employees, managers, and decision makers look for the same results – improved productivity and increased profitability.

With power transmission applications, improvements in productivity require an honest evaluation of current roller chain performance. While many chain manufacturers claim superior performance and wear life, the true difference in performance is only apparent after a chain is installed and in use.

As the global expert in the design and manufacturing of roller chain, Diamond Chain partnered with an independent test lab to assess the performance of Diamond Chain products versus those of the competition. The results speak for themselves.



The following charts compare the accelerated wear testing of Diamond Chain products versus those of several leading global chain manufacturers from Asia, Europe, and North America. These tests were performed by Diamond Chain using testing protocols and methodology that were reviewed, verified, and approved by an independent third party.





An independent third party performed the same accelerated wear test using ASME/ANSI #50 Diamond Chain products and the same product from two global chain manufacturers. These tests were performed at an independent test facility.

From the test results, two points became clear. First, the Diamond Chain product significantly outperforms its two competitors. Second, the Diamond Chain products tested performed with much closer consistency. The combination of performance and consistency ultimately has the greatest impact on improving productivity.




True Cost of Downtime

When purchasing roller chains, low-priced product options can be tempting. Most companies look to balance price and performance, but making a decision based heavily on purchase price is rarely the best option when it comes to chains. The small, short-term savings gained up front typically end up costing significantly more over the life of the product.

Acquisition, or direct cost, is only the tip of the expenditures iceberg. In the graphic illustration below, purchasing the low price product instead of the Diamond roller delivers an up front savings of $150. However, the actual cost includes additional expenses that incurred when the low priced chain fails prematurely or requires more maintenance resulting in increased downtime.

When it comes to chain options, don’t forget to consider the true cost of downtime and the long-term costs of low-priced chain.




Total Cost of Ownership

Rather than looking at just product acquisition cost, purchase decisions should instead determine the total cost of ownership. In this example, third party test results show that it would take three low priced chains to meet the equivalent run time of one Diamond chain. In addition to having to purchase and install the three low-priced roller chains to meet the performance of a single Diamond Series chain, a total cost of ownership analysis would also capture additional expenses such as production downtime, idle labor, and scrap—costs which easily outweigh the smaller initial savings.

The result is that an upfront savings of $150 instead turns into an additional $4,180 in long-term expenses.






More Value

Thank you for considering the Diamond Chain Company as your roller chain supplier. With our dedicated focus on industrial roller chain, and a team of in-house experts, our goal is to help you understand the factors that affect product performance and quality to ensure that you have the best product for whatever your application may be. From start to finish, the Diamond Chain Company offers you more value than any other roller chain manufacturer. From pre- and post-purchase engineering assessments to a total cost of ownership and operational cost savings analysis, we work with our customers to ensure the best product for the job. And all of our efforts are anchored by the proven performance and consistent results of our industry-leading products.


For more information on the Diamond portfolio of products, or to learn more about the benefits of a total cost of ownership analysis, contact us today.

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