To answer this question, let’s do a quick refresher on the ANSI part numbering system. The first digit(s) in each standard roller chain part number tells us the pitch of a chain in eighths of an inch. That means that an ANSI 120 chain, for example, has a pitch of 12/8s of an inch or 1.5 inches.

Let’s say then that we wanted to know how many feet of chain are in an application of ANSI 120 that is 180 pitches in length?

Again, we know that ANSI 120 chain has a pitch of 1.5″. For an application with 180 pitch, we simply multiply 1.5 inches by 180 to get 270 inches or convert to feet 270/12 = 22.5.

But what if we want to convert from feet into pitch? Let’s say we have an application that uses 10 feet of ANSI 40 chain. We know from the ANSI numbering system that ANSI 40 chain has a pitch of 4/8s of an inch or .5 inches. For an application of ten feet, we do a quick conversion from feet into inches (10 x 12 = 120) and then divide 120/0.5 to get 240 pitches.

Knowing how to convert between pitch and feet can be useful, especially when double checking an order, but don’t worry if you need additional help. Diamond Chain’s customer service and application engineering teams [link to contact page] are available to assist you.

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