The average tensile strength of Diamond Chain’s Diamond Series ANSI 60 and ANSI 60 Heavy Series chain is 8500 pounds. Diamond Chain calculates the average tensile strength based on current and historical test data taken from each production lot of ANSI 60 and ANSI 60 Heavy roller chain.

Tensile strength for all the products in Diamond Chain’s portfolio can be found in the Product Guides available under the Product tab.

Generally, working load for any chain should not exceed 1/6th of the average tensile strength when using press-fit connecting links, or 1/9th of the average when using slip-fit connecting links or offset links.

When calculating working load based on a manufacturer’s ultimate or maximum tensile strength data, it’s important to remember that these numbers may not reflect the expected tensile strength for each chain of that given size. Tensile strength described as ultimate or maximum merely indicates the highest level recorded in their test procedures, which may not be repeatable.