Hi-Cor Meat Processing Machine Case Study

Hi-Cor Meat Processing Case Study


A leading meat processing company was experiencing premature chain wear on its Hi-Cor meat processing machine. This particular machine separates different parts of animal meat. Due to the nature of the application, coming in close contact with food, a corrosion resistant chain option was needed for the Hi-Cor meat processing machine. In addition to unreliable service life, the company was frustrated with the high cost of its current chain.


As a solution, Diamond Chain suggested its Stainless Steel series chain. Stainless steel is recommended for applications involving exposure to chemicals, caustic acids or sterilized environments. Diamond offers three different stainless steel series – AP, 300, and 400 – but highly recommends its standard Stainless Steel offering, the AP series. The Diamond AP Series Stainless Steel chains provide the best balance between wear performance and corrosion resistance while 300 Series chains are recommended for applications requiring low magnetic permeability, and 400 Series chains are recommended for certain applications that require exposure to a select set of chemicals.


The switch to Diamond Chain increased service life by 100%, from 12 weeks to 24 weeks. Factoring in both downtime and the cost of the replacement chain and kits, after the switch to Diamond Chain this company saw a savings of $134,935 over one year, and is projected to see a savings of $674,678 over five years.

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