Material Handling Applications: Long-Lasting, Reliable Industrial Chain

Within the broad category of material handling applications, Diamond Chain manufactures a wide variety of industrial chain products. All of our industrial chain is designed for durability, precision, and longevity. Higher-quality, longer-lasting chains offer the best value for your operations.

Conveyer Chain

Diamond Chain’s single- and double-pitch conveyer chain is carefully designed and length-matched to provide exceptional precision. Our single- and double-pitch conveyer chain is precision hand-built in our manufacturing facility in Indianapolis so you can trust its reliability.

Attachment Roller Chain

Both single- and double-pitch conveyor chain can be fitted with a wide variety of attachments built to your specifications. Our attachment roller chain is hand-processed rather than preloaded and stretched, so that the flights and attachments always work in perfect concert, with minimal wear and slippage.

Made-to-Order Chain

Whatever your industrial chain needs, Diamond Chain’s engineers can work with your team to custom design a made-to-order chain that meets your exact needs with precision and durability. Our custom solutions and made-to-order chain provide the reliability and performance you expect from Diamond Chain products.

Diamond Chain’s high standards and exceptional quality make our industrial chain products more reliable and longer lasting than other alternatives. Contact Diamond Chain to learn more about our material handling application solutions.


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