Mining and Aggregate Applications: Durable and Reliable Conveyor Chain

Diamond Chain understands that the productivity and profitability of mining and aggregate operations requires reliable components, so we make our conveyor chain with industry-leading standards of durability and extended wear life.

Diamond Chain’s team of experienced professionals works with mining and aggregate customers to determine which type of conveyor chain offers the greatest value and longest-lasting performance for their operations. We offer large pitch roller chains, multiple strand roller chains, and heavy series chains to meet the specific needs and load requirements of our customers.

Our conveyor chains are made in America using a proprietary process to apply lubrication to our chain components, resulting in a longer-lasting, more reliable performance. Because we make our conveyor chains domestically, we maintain stock availability you can rely on.


Diamond Chain products offer unmatched durability and lifespan, making mining operations more efficient and productive, while significantly reducing maintenance costs and downtime. Contact Diamond Chain today to talk to our team about the type of conveyor chain that works best in your operation.


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