Premature Chain Failure Case Study

Premature Chain Failure – Egg Sorting and Packaging Case Study


An egg packaging company was looking for improved wear life on an egg grading and packaging machine. The machine was experiencing premature chain failure due to eggs breaking on the production line. When the eggs would break, the egg whites and yolks would drip down onto the chain and into the pins and bushings causing red oxidation and joint stiffness, ultimately leading to premature failure.


Diamond Chain’s analysis determined that this egg packaging company could greatly improve the longevity of its chain by switching to Sapphire series O-Ring chain. With its ability to seal in lubricant and keep out contaminants, the joints of the chain will be better able to withstand the effects of the egg yolks and whites, extending wear life.


After switching to Diamond’s Sapphire series O-Ring chain, the egg packaging company was able to cut annual chain costs by $2,224 and reduce downtime by $3,160 within the first year.

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